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What Others Are Saying

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, March 15, 2017
“As part of our so-called “Spectrum Frontiers” proceeding, we asked questions about allowing novel wireless uses and technologies in frequencies above 95 GHz. Those frequencies haven’t traditionally been used for mobile wireless technologies. But I believe that, instead of having regulators decide which frequencies are useful, we should put spectrum out there as a testbed and leave it to the innovators to figure out how to use it.”

Europe is Targeting This Technology
“… the mission of ETSI ISG mWT is to promote the use of millimetre wave spectrum from 50 GHz up to 300 GHz for present and future critical transmission applications and use cases.”

International Telecommunications Union RESOLUTION 767 (WRC-15)
resolves to invite the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference
… to consider identification for use by administrations for the land-mobile and fixed service applications operating in the frequency range 275-450 GHz, while maintaining protection of the passive services identified in No. 5.565, and take appropriate action…

NSF Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research 
“PAWR will enable experimental exploration of robust new wireless devices, communication techniques, networks, systems, and services that will revolutionize the nation’s wireless ecosystem, thereby enhancing broadband connectivity, leveraging the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), and sustaining US leadership and economic competitiveness for decades to come.” Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research, Press Release April 19, 2017


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