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Join the mmWave Coalition

How to join:

  • Step 1. Determine your membership level:
  • Large Company: $5,000
    A “Large Company” is defined as a company with annual revenues of U.S. $250 million or more (including affiliated organizations.

    Small Company: $1,500
    A “Small Company” is any other organization that is neither a “Large Company” or “Academic Institution”.

    Academic Institution $100
    An “Academic Institution” is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is educational.
  • Step 2. Sign the mmWave Coalition Memorandum of Understanding and send to Vicki Taylor at VTaylor@g2w2.com
  • Step 3. Send your membership fees to Vicki Taylor at VTaylor@g2w2.com.
  • Step 4. Welcome to the mmWave Coalition Community!
Download Memorandum of Understanding