Future Wireless Technologies: mmWave, THz, & Beyond

Recorded Webinar
September 27, 2018
Presented by Professor Theodore Rappaport, NYU WIRELESS

“Future Wireless Technologies: mmWave, THz & Beyond”: A webinar given by NYU Professor Theodore (Ted) Rappaport, Founding Director at NYU WIRELESS, presents the promise and challenges of operating at millimeter wave and Terahertz frequencies. He discusses the current state of the art, research activities at NYU WIRELESS, and points to amazing new frontiers that these frequencies offer for the future of communications, computing, and imaging.

As Ted states: “By 2020, the world will see single chip data transceivers that reliably transfer more than 10 GB/s data for more than 200 meters in a vast number of military or commercial applications.” This is exciting stuff and is pushing the 5G and IoT world along as the need for massive connectivity taxes existing spectrum.

NYU WIRELESS has become the first academic institution to join the mmWave Coalition, whose mission is to advocate for the use of radio frequencies above 95 GHz in the U.S. The Coalition, made up of leading technology companies in addition to NYU WIRELESS, is working with U.S. and international government and regulatory bodies to eliminate hurdles to using these frequencies. Availability of this spectrum would open up much needed broadband service for new applications for medical imaging, spectroscopy, new massively broadband IoT, and “wireless fiber” links in rural areas, ensuring that the U.S. remains competitive in the marketplace as 5G applications roll out.

The industry effort to expand the understanding and use of the frontiers of the frequency spectrum is supported by the sustaining members of the mmWave Coalition representing the key thought leaders in the industry.

NYU WIRELESS & the mmWave Coalition

The Coalition is pleased to welcome NYU and is looking forward to more events and exchange of ideas, from technology to freeing up critical mmWave spectrum infrastructure.

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